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2 Years Exp
San Francisco $200-$300

About Me

I love photography because I can create Art and bring joy every time a couple views their photos.\r\n\r\nI represent your company when I second shoot and can follow your direction and vision to the letter.

Camera Gear

(2) Nikon D800\r\nNIkkor 24-70 2.8\r\nNikkor 70-200 2.8\r\nNikkor 28 1.8\r\nNikkor 50 1.4\r\nNikkor 85 1.8\r\nNikkor 105 Macro\r\nSigma 35 1.4 Art\r\nSigma 50 1.4 Art\r\n(6x) Flashes\r\nOdin Triggers/Receiver\r\nIcelights, flash benders, rogue grids, softlighters, umbrellas and more lighting modifiers.