I need a second shooter within miles of for

April Staso

2 Years Exp
Im a trained photographer with a degree in commercial photography from Seattle Central. I love second shooting... Read more...
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Elaine Garland

7 Years Exp
I love story telling and seeing how a wedding day unfolds. How a couple embraces each other. How their love is... Read more...
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Marianne Bley

6 Years Exp
Hello Friends, I love to second shoot and work with new people as often as I can so please contact me with you... Read more...
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Megan Long

1 Years Exp
Second Shooting gives me every opportunity to make my photography better. I love being able to assist and l... Read more...
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Steve Gerrard

8 Years Exp
Award-winning wedding photographer willing to travel. My style is relaxed, modern and creative. Based in... Read more...
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Jessica Banks

2 Years Exp
I have been shooting weddings for the last two years (solo and as a second shooter). I shoot Nikon. I am re... Read more...
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