I need a second shooter within miles of for

Tiffany Fairhur...

1 Years Exp
I am a natural light photographer and love weddings! I love meeting new people and aim to please. Your vision ... Read more...
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Brenda Hoffman

Grand Rapids
2 Years Exp
I have second shot for several photogs whom have been pleased with my work. This is from one happy primary: ... Read more...
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Nicole Podnecky

1 Years Exp
I have limited experience. But I have taken several courses specific for wedding photography. I am a very de... Read more...
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Olivia Smartt

San Francisco
3 Years Exp
As a primary shooter myself, I know how important it is that my second shooters be professional, dependable, c... Read more...
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Bill Weisgerber

4 Years Exp
Second shooting allows me to have all the fun (shooting a wedding) without having to also do the not so fun st... Read more...
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Joe Sacher

10+ Years Exp
I've worked as a professional photographer and videographer since 2001, but only sporadically for about 10 yea... Read more...
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