I need a second shooter within miles of for

Samuel Seth

North Houston
7 Years Exp
I'm a full time photog with lot's of wedding experience used to higher end affairs. Fully independent and comf... Read more...
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Nicole Cz

5 Years Exp
As a second photographer for weddings serving the Orange County and near by areas, I come with respect, profes... Read more...
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Jeff Buck

3 Years Exp
Most of my experience has been around family portraiture, looking to branch out to weddings. I enjoy using of... Read more...
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Nick Morris

San Diego
10+ Years Exp
I'm a full time photojournalist in the San Diego area and I began shooting weddings more than 10 years ago. Sh... Read more...
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Erin Calderon

Paso Robles
1 Years Exp
Hi, my name is Erin Calderon. I specialize in family portraiture. I shot my first solo wedding this year and w... Read more...
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Kay Collier

Fort Worth
4 Years Exp
I am currently a college student getting my Bachelor's in Photography. I love 2nd shooting because in enables ... Read more...
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