I need a second shooter within miles of for

Casie Zalud

5 Years Exp
If I am not shooting a wedding of my own, I am always happy to second shoot. I find second shooting is the per... Read more...
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Meredith Miller

4 Years Exp
I believe that as a second shooter, my first priority is to make you look good, through my photos, and through... Read more...
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Megan Long

1 Years Exp
Second Shooting gives me every opportunity to make my photography better. I love being able to assist and l... Read more...
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Bryan Hoybook

10+ Years Exp
I have photographed weddings for over 15 years and now I own a photo editing company called Post House Inc. We... Read more...
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Jamie Abitz

3 Years Exp
I am primarily a wedding/engagement photographer in the Louisville, KY area. I would love to not only second s... Read more...
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Lauren Schmidt

Grand Rapids
6 Years Exp
I love second shooting!
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