I need a second shooter within miles of for

Tim Petersen

3 Years Exp
I'm a part-time wedding and portrait photographer. When I'm not already booked for a weekend, I love to shoot ... Read more...
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Maria Sollecito

‹ 1 Year Exp
An outgoing and creative person since she was a child, Maria's cheerful and bubbly personality keeps her famil... Read more...
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Natasha Koetsch

1 Years Exp
I love telling a story with my photography and I love second shooting because it gives me a little more creati... Read more...
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Jennie Johansso...

7 Years Exp
I'm a lifestylephotographer who love to capture the moments just the way it is right there and now. I love to ... Read more...
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Katharyne Dunn

Des Moines
4 Years Exp
I'm going into year 5 of shooting weddings, but I love to second shoot because it gives me a chance to experim... Read more...
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Samuel Seth

North Houston
7 Years Exp
I'm a full time photog with lot's of wedding experience used to higher end affairs. Fully independent and comf... Read more...
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