I need a second shooter within miles of for

Lela Johnson

Fort White
9 Years Exp
I have shot professionally for several years now, however-just recently became interested in wedding photograp... Read more...
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Erin Schut

1 Years Exp
I am going into my second year of photographing weddings. Second shooting is probably one of the most fun and ... Read more...
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Misty Christens...

3 Years Exp
Storytelling is my favorite part of photography! I enjoy being able to tell the story of the bride & groom... Read more...
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Mark Elkins

7 Years Exp
I stay pretty busy doing this full time, but I'd like to occasionally second to change things up a bit. I love... Read more...
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Olivia Hendren

4 Years Exp
I started out as an aspiring landscape photographer with a love of macro and botanical photography and a littl... Read more...
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Carly D’A...

2 Years Exp
Being the primary shooter is fun, but I love second shooting because it allows you to capture angles that the ... Read more...
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