I need a second shooter within miles of for

Carlos Sanfer

New York
2 Years Exp
First at all I will like to clarify that photography is my passion, it's my work and my entire life. (I'm n... Read more...
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Debby Martinich

‹ 1 Year Exp
I love second shooting because I love taking candid pictures that tell a story. I am interested in pursuing a... Read more...
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John Routh

Thousand Oaks
2 Years Exp
I would love to be able to second shoot because I will be able to help other photographers with their job and ... Read more...
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Kate Thomas

Colorado Springs
5 Years Exp
I love helping amazing photographers capture the story of the day from different perspectives. I have 5 years... Read more...
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Gabriel Mora

7 Years Exp
Because time restrictions of my "regular" job, working under some else name (a is the best way tas 2nd or main... Read more...
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Mercedes Morgan

4 Years Exp
I cry at weddings. I'm more of a moments person so I try to be ninja and wait for them to happen. When I secon... Read more...
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