I need a second shooter within miles of for

Tristian Smith

4 Years Exp
Hey there! I am interested in learning more hands on about wedding photography. Over the past 3+ years ... Read more...
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Karen LaDunphy

‹ 1 Year Exp
I am offering very inexpensive wedding services as a second or third shooter, as I am working to gain experien... Read more...
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Sylvia Eng

2 Years Exp
Hi, I am a successful portrait photographer and experienced second shooter. I am easy going, not easily frazzl... Read more...
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claire sheprow

New York
10+ Years Exp
Second shooting is a great opportunity for me to stretch my creative muscles aside from the pressure of shooti... Read more...
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Jennifer Tavera

7 Years Exp
My husband and I shot wedding for 5 years as a team but he has decided to move on to other ventures now so I h... Read more...
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Mariel Ossowski

5 Years Exp
I love to second shoot because I just want to help create beautiful images. I love to participate and witness ... Read more...
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