I need a second shooter within miles of for

Thomas Cannon

6 Years Exp
I have been photographing weddings since 2009, where I was an associate for Evan Baines Photography until 2012... Read more...
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Featured Photographer

Heather Kanillo...

10+ Years Exp
I'm an experienced wedding photographer of 10 yrs- skilled in OCF, posing, and mad dance moves! I adore second... Read more...
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Spencer Lefevre

3 Years Exp
Unique, Create, and Personal. I have lots of experience with off camera flash and studio strobes. I love creat... Read more...
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Lionel Chacon

1 Years Exp
Lionel Chacon is a professional photographer based in Oakville, Ontario. His passion for photography is fueled... Read more...
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Jessica Rivera

5 Years Exp
I would love to get into weddings and would love to second shoot for a while to get some experience and build ... Read more...
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Holly Gauper

Grand Rapids
7 Years Exp
My work is all about energy and making people feel good. I'm organized, good with people and logistics, work w... Read more...
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