I need a second shooter within miles of for

Michelle Dibble

5 Years Exp
I want to second shoot because I don't want to be the primary anymore! Love the dramatic and details. Will... Read more...
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Jamie Grant

San Diego
6 Years Exp
I get to tap into my creative side without all the pressure :) It allows me to go outside of my safe box and ... Read more...
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Tami Weis

San Francisco
5 Years Exp
Second shooting is awesome. I get to work on my skills, be creative, and shoot. It's seriously the most perfec... Read more...
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Holly Ray

1 Years Exp
I would love the opportunity to second shoot more weddings. Check out my website: www.hollyrayphotography.... Read more...
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Molly Sanchez

Saint Paul
2 Years Exp
Best part about second shooting for me is the connections you make and the people you meet! Love making those ... Read more...
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Jessica Schilli...

Los Angeles
4 Years Exp
I'm a Los Angeles-based wedding and portrait photographer. I love color, unique locations, personal details, a... Read more...
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