I need a second shooter within miles of for

Shannon Jackson

Las Vegas
‹ 1 Year Exp
I am a natural light photographer and love shooting couples! I shot one wedding solo and have second shot once... Read more...
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Laura Rose

2 Years Exp
I love people. I love capturing moments.... but most of all I love telling stories. Photography allows me to d... Read more...
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Katie Mayfield

3 Years Exp
I love second shooting with photographers that have more experience than I to continue learning new tricks of ... Read more...
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Lindsay Caplan

1 Years Exp
I studied photography in school for 5 years and have been second shooting weddings for about a year now. I lov... Read more...
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Nina Koretoff

4 Years Exp
Hello! Being a second shooter is an amazing experience because it is a great way to use use my creativity and... Read more...
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Nicole Cz

5 Years Exp
As a second photographer for weddings serving the Orange County and near by areas, I come with respect, profes... Read more...
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