I need a second shooter within miles of for

Yas Photography

San Diego
1 Years Exp
San Diego photographer looking to build wedding portfolio. 1 year exp, 2 weddings, multiple engagement shoots.... Read more...
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Hawley Schneide...

4 Years Exp
Hi! I've been in love with photography since I first started creating images and developing film in the darkro... Read more...
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Matthew Policas...

10+ Years Exp
For the past 12 years I've been a professional wedding photographer/second shooter for a local NJ wedding stud... Read more...
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Quan Vu

San Leandro
2 Years Exp
I'm based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Grace Brown

New York
6 Years Exp
Second shooting is a great way for me to be creative but not have the stress of a primary photographer. Read more...
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5 Years Exp
Hi my name is Claudio, I love Second Shooting because Second shooting plays a very important roll during a wed... Read more...
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