I need a second shooter within miles of for

Jamie Abitz

3 Years Exp
I am primarily a wedding/engagement photographer in the Louisville, KY area. I would love to not only second s... Read more...
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Shannon Doyle

5 Years Exp
Based in Wellington, I have been a photographer & Filmmaker for nearly a decade. Shooting bands & even... Read more...
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Lacey Carroll

3 Years Exp
I enjoy second shooting and have been both first and second shooter on many weddings. I only take on a few per... Read more...
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Cara Winter

10+ Years Exp
I LOVE second shooting with people. It's a great way to see how others work. Read more...
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Cecilia Grace

Atlantic City
7 Years Exp
I value my second shooter when I'm the main photographer so I know how important it is to be that support and ... Read more...
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Samantha Moore

9 Years Exp
Second shooting is getting to just do the FUN part. There's something to be said for the freedom to just show ... Read more...
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