I need a second shooter within miles of for

Kevin Walters

San Francisco
7 Years Exp
I live in Sonoma County and would love to second shoot in any of the north bay counties. I typically charge $5... Read more...
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Angela Whitten

1 Years Exp
I own Harmony Photography in Puyallup, WA - I am looking to start shooting weddings, but need to build a portf... Read more...
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Shannon Gray

5 Years Exp
Hi there! I love second shooting and being able to capture a different point of view for the primary photograp... Read more...
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Hannah Rosela

4 Years Exp
I love love! I love anything wedding! Its all so magnificent and magical and I get the chance to catch it all ... Read more...
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Cheryl Rogers

2 Years Exp
Second shooting is fantastic for me because it widens the field in terms of the number and the types of weddin... Read more...
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Ginger Westring

8 Years Exp
I have been photographing weddings by myself for almost 9 years and second shooting on my open weekends for 2 ... Read more...
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