I need a second shooter within miles of for

Alex Damianidis

1 Years Exp
I have loved the past year shooting with a DSLR, it's become an obsession! I have spend the last decade design... Read more...
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Steve Manivong

Santa Ana
3 Years Exp
I mainly do Photography but I'm also in the process of learning video. 2nd Shoot Photography: Weddings E... Read more...
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Kristina Stockt...

10+ Years Exp
new to Orlando and would like to 2nd shoot more Central FL weddings to learn the area! Read more...
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Kate Gansneder

4 Years Exp
I love weddings, they're my anti-drug. I could shoot 5 a week and never get enough. Read more...
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Braska Jennea G...

5 Years Exp
I shoot people...with my Canon. ;) Being the primary is wonderful, but there's a special part of my heart that... Read more...
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Brian Romo

Los Angeles
5 Years Exp
Hi I'm Brain, I've been shooting and capturing moments for five years and still going strong. take a few minut... Read more...
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