I need a second shooter within miles of for

Ryan Watson

4 Years Exp
NYC Metro based semi-pro wedding, engagement and event photographer looking to assist other photographers with... Read more...
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Rachel Miske

2 Years Exp
I LOVE shooting weddings! I'm a romantic and feel in "my zone" when I'm shooting Want to continue and learn to... Read more...
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Jenna Quinones

Virginia Beach
‹ 1 Year Exp
Ready to get my feet wet with second shooting (third shooting?) or assisting with weddings! Not presently very... Read more...
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Bert McLendon

6 Years Exp
Hiring someone that you can trust to get the shots is critical when choosing a second shooter. A good second ... Read more...
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Cheryl Rogers

2 Years Exp
Second shooting is fantastic for me because it widens the field in terms of the number and the types of weddin... Read more...
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Mia Harlow

3 Years Exp
Two is better than one. You get more photos, more angles, smiles and laughs. 2nd shooting is a great way to ta... Read more...
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