I need a second shooter within miles of for

Lance D

Beverly Hills
2 Years Exp
What makes me a good second shooter is my unobtrusive photojournalistic style, shooting discretely as to not i... Read more...
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Ben Sandness

2 Years Exp
I'm a full time photographer shooting primarily weddings. I work almost exclusively solo, but I'd love to net... Read more...
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Jodi Kramarczyk

5 Years Exp
I've been a hobbyist photographer for 5-10 years, capturing my cheerleading team in action and my families man... Read more...
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4 Years Exp
I would love to help you represent your brand on a wedding day, and make sure your clients have the best exper... Read more...
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Sarah Collier

7 Years Exp
Second shooting is fun for me because I get to be a bit more creative and more myself with what I shoot withou... Read more...
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Jim Powers

Kansas City
8 Years Exp
I typically shoot primary and solo. I love second shooting though as that's where the fun shots happen. The e... Read more...
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