I need a second shooter within miles of for

Hope Hurt

3 Years Exp
My Husband and I have our own wedding and portrait studio based in Brisbane, Australia. I'm available to secon... Read more...
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6 Years Exp
Second shooting is a great way of gaining valuable experience and building relationships and learning the craf... Read more...
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Ashley M. Hayhu...

7 Years Exp
I am my best when second shooting because I like finding the tiniest of details, the unseen moments, and the c... Read more...
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Shannon Wong

2 Years Exp
When I am not the lead photographer I love second shooting. It allows me to be creative while also being a sup... Read more...
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Crystal Martin

1 Years Exp
Looking to build my portfolio and gain more experience shooting weddings! Read more...
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Katie Beverley

San Diego
10+ Years Exp
I am a primary shooter with many years of experience, but I absolutely love meeting other photographers and be... Read more...
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