I need a second shooter within miles of for

Gareth Davies

Ciudad De Mexico
8 Years Exp
I am a British photographer residing in Mexico City. Photography is not just my profession, but it is my very ... Read more...
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Kevin Walters

San Francisco
7 Years Exp
I live in Sonoma County and would love to second shoot in any of the north bay counties. I typically charge $5... Read more...
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Dennis Connors

10+ Years Exp
I love photographing weddings. I love the excitement of the couple entering a whole new focus in their lives.... Read more...
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Bill Weisgerber

4 Years Exp
Second shooting allows me to have all the fun (shooting a wedding) without having to also do the not so fun st... Read more...
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Braska Jennea G...

5 Years Exp
I shoot people...with my Canon. ;) Being the primary is wonderful, but there's a special part of my heart that... Read more...
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Maggie Bogdan

2 Years Exp
I exclusively shoot couples & weddings. I usually work as lead in my own business, but I am always inter... Read more...
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