I need a second shooter within miles of for

Matthew DesRoch...

2 Years Exp
Hi, My name is Matt. I am a photographer/ filmmaker in highschool. \r\n\r\nI am looking to get more experience... Read more...
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Wes Jerdon

South Bend
3 Years Exp
I am a Canon shooter (5D MKIII) I have only been shooting for going on 3 years now have have had quite the exp... Read more...
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Carly Moon-Warn...

4 Years Exp
Hey all! I'm living in England until 2017 before I return to the states. I'm not looking to build a wedding ph... Read more...
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Casie Zalud

5 Years Exp
If I am not shooting a wedding of my own, I am always happy to second shoot. I find second shooting is the per... Read more...
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Fort Worth
6 Years Exp
I've had the fortune to work as a second shooter with some of the best wedding photographers in the industry, ... Read more...
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Natalya Fiore

4 Years Exp
I love shooting with other photographers - learning from them, and getting to work at new venues. Read more...
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