I need a second shooter within miles of for

Bill Mirza

10+ Years Exp
With little time to commit to being a primary shooter (post editing, album design, etc), being a 2nd offers me... Read more...
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Will Tang

Las Vegas
2 Years Exp
I'm an experienced second shooter who can also first shoot alone if needed, and I love collaborating with othe... Read more...
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Jennifer Linn

Newport News
6 Years Exp
Self taught photographer that loves capturing the moment through a lens. Read more...
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Calli Duncan

Solana Beach
4 Years Exp
Lets make beautiful things more beautiful :) I'm here to back you up, make your wedding days easier, enjo... Read more...
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Caitlin Hawley

3 Years Exp
I recently booked my second wedding. My wedding experience consist of shots I’ve captured at a couple of my ... Read more...
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Cassie Gaston

5 Years Exp
I love what I do. It's an honor to be a part of people's lives and capture the memories they will hold most de... Read more...
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