I need a second shooter within miles of for

Amie Akers

3 Years Exp
My business name is A Stitch In Time Photography.. www.astitchintimephotography.net I love all aspects of phot... Read more...
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Jen Forstner

1 Years Exp
I am: a wife, doggy mom, friend, sister and daughter. I absolutely adore my husband, our puppies, our famil... Read more...
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Cassandra Summe...

Hermosa Beach
4 Years Exp
I love getting the opportunity to shoot along aside other creatives so that we can share tips and tricks with ... Read more...
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2 Years Exp
Hello, I love wedding photography because it is my way to talk to other people and tell them a story of a co... Read more...
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Cindy Palmer

San Diego
7 Years Exp
I specialize in beauty photography and have experience in modeling, but love 2nd shooting weddings because the... Read more...
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Daniel Keren

3 Years Exp
I have an on-going hunger for experience and knowledge, there’s SO much to learn in the photography world! I... Read more...
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