I need a second shooter within miles of for

Primary or seco...

San Jose
10+ Years Exp
I have shot over 400 weddings as a primary shooter. Many companies hire me as a primary/associate and they'll... Read more...
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Hannah Joy Well...

6 Years Exp
I love second shooting because I LOVE shooting weddings, and it's even more fun when I don't have the pressure... Read more...
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Liana McCain

San Diego
1 Years Exp
Although I run my own business, I love getting the opportunity to learn through other photographers through se... Read more...
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Jenna DiPrima

2 Years Exp
Hello there! My name is Jenna DiPrima. I have always loved photography and been a visual person. I got my firs... Read more...
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Buck Deitz

3 Years Exp
When I'm not the lead shooter I love second shooting! It's such a great opportunity to learn from someone and ... Read more...
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April Staso

2 Years Exp
Im a trained photographer with a degree in commercial photography from Seattle Central. I love second shooting... Read more...
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