I need a second shooter within miles of for

Carly D’A...

2 Years Exp
Being the primary shooter is fun, but I love second shooting because it allows you to capture angles that the ... Read more...
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Shawn McEntee

5 Years Exp


MarkBohland M.P...

10+ Years Exp
Others have second shot for me. I enjoy working with other artists; second shooting will help you fill your... Read more...
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Amanda Helmick

Grand Junction
4 Years Exp
Hey there! I’m Amanda and I’m the artist behind the lens! I’m a corn-fed Iowa girl just Colorado dreami... Read more...
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Rebekah Wagner

6 Years Exp
I have been photographing for many years, though have truly focused on it intensely over the past 3 years. I h... Read more...
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Carmen Blackwel...

1 Years Exp
Hi all! I would love to be able to find one or two primary shooters to build a second shooting relationship. I... Read more...
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