I need a second shooter within miles of for

Matt Shouse

North Indianapolis
3 Years Exp
I shoot primarily wedding videos but I'm looking to move more into wedding photography. Read more...
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Jeff Buck

3 Years Exp
Most of my experience has been around family portraiture, looking to branch out to weddings. I enjoy using of... Read more...
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Chris Fuertes

2 Years Exp
I'm a third year Resident in Philly, but my passion is photography. I see myself shooting a handful of weddin... Read more...
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Barbara Rahal

10+ Years Exp
Second shooting plays a very important role during a wedding, we are there to make the lead photographer be th... Read more...
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S. Sinatra

‹ 1 Year Exp
I've got have some experience in wedding photography. My photography is in engagement photography. Willing t... Read more...
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Carly Moon-Warn...

4 Years Exp
Hey all! I'm living in England until 2017 before I return to the states. I'm not looking to build a wedding ph... Read more...
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