I need a second shooter within miles of for

Michelle Rojas

3 Years Exp
While I love shooting weddings on my own, I enjoy second shooting to gain more experience and to meet other ph... Read more...
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Marie Korb

6 Years Exp
I love second shooting because working with other photographers is one of my favorite things to do. \r\nMy web... Read more...
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Lynnet Perez

2 Years Exp
I love second shooting because practice makes perfect and what better way to get better at weddings then to sh... Read more...
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Melanie Wells

Bowling Green
5 Years Exp
I love weddings, and love the emotions they bring out in everyone. Being able to capture that emotion as a sec... Read more...
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Luke Snyder

San Francisco
7 Years Exp
With 175 weddings under my belt, I'm in my prime. Massively respectful of the moment, a great team player, an... Read more...
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Neil MacAulay

10+ Years Exp
I have been a shooting professionally for years. Mostly part-time. One of the best ways to grow as a photogr... Read more...
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