I need a second shooter within miles of for

Jessica Lauren ...

1 Years Exp
I love being able to work with other photographers, helping them to capture every moment for their clients. I ... Read more...
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Aislinn Victori...

4 Years Exp
What I'm best at: wrangling large wedding crowds, making "totally over this" flower girls smile and laugh just... Read more...
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Holly Gauper

Grand Rapids
7 Years Exp
My work is all about energy and making people feel good. I'm organized, good with people and logistics, work w... Read more...
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Jenna Quinones

Virginia Beach
‹ 1 Year Exp
Ready to get my feet wet with second shooting (third shooting?) or assisting with weddings! Not presently very... Read more...
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Jennifer Tavera

7 Years Exp
My husband and I shot wedding for 5 years as a team but he has decided to move on to other ventures now so I h... Read more...
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Robert Hall

5 Years Exp
While I tend to lead shoot over 50 weddings per year, I am always open to second shooting when available. I lo... Read more...
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