I need a second shooter within miles of for

Leslie Barbaro

10+ Years Exp
Please feel free to get in touch!
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Josie Gardner

2 Years Exp
Working with other artists is my favorite thing! I love second shooting because it allows me to get into the ... Read more...
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Kristin Fieldin...

4 Years Exp
During an internship I got the experience as a second shooter and I learned so much through that. Afterwards I... Read more...
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Marcela Garcia ...

3 Years Exp
My name is Marcela Garcia Pulido and I'm a freelance photographer based out of Seattle, WA specializing in Por... Read more...
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Rich Jhong

Los Angeles
5 Years Exp
My photography style involves creating images using vibrant colors, unique angles, and selective focus. In my ... Read more...
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Caitlin Hebert

7 Years Exp
Second shooting is a great chance for me to get the creative shots that compliment the primary photographer's ... Read more...
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