I need a second shooter within miles of for

Heather Wanning...

3 Years Exp
I'm upbeat, light hearted, and willing to do whatever is needed to make it a successful day. I am given compl... Read more...
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Luke Snyder

San Francisco
7 Years Exp
With 175 weddings under my belt, I'm in my prime. Massively respectful of the moment, a great team player, an... Read more...
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Sarah Collier

7 Years Exp
Second shooting is fun for me because I get to be a bit more creative and more myself with what I shoot withou... Read more...
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Elaine Garland

7 Years Exp
I love story telling and seeing how a wedding day unfolds. How a couple embraces each other. How their love is... Read more...
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Jessica Heksem

Grand Rapids
2 Years Exp
I love second shooting because I get all of the candids that the main photographer can't get while they are do... Read more...
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Carmen Blackwel...

1 Years Exp
Hi all! I would love to be able to find one or two primary shooters to build a second shooting relationship. I... Read more...
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