I need a second shooter within miles of for

Taylor Lauren B...

5 Years Exp
Hi there! My name is Taylor and I have always been passionate about storytelling. I'm a creative photojournali... Read more...
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Samuel Seth

North Houston
7 Years Exp
I'm a full time photog with lot's of wedding experience used to higher end affairs. Fully independent and comf... Read more...
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Presley Ann

New York
5 Years Exp
As a second shooter It's my goal to make the day run smoothly and make sure the main photographer can work eff... Read more...
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Greg Faulkner

4 Years Exp
I love working and mixing with different people. Second shooting is a great chance to help out someone while d... Read more...
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Chelsea Ann

8 Years Exp
Working the wedding circuit for over 8 years as a primary and secondary shooter between BC and Ontario. I stil... Read more...
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Matt Schmachten...

6 Years Exp
I love shooting weddings because each one brings something new and I really enjoy documenting those special de... Read more...
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