I need a second shooter within miles of for

Lis Christy

8 Years Exp
I love second shooting for other photographers because it gives me the freedom to go for more creative shots. ... Read more...
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Tomer Kalansky

5 Years Exp
Looking to gain more experience in the wedding field, I have been a photographer for over 5 years with 2 years... Read more...
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Jon Howard

2 Years Exp
I love weddings. The rushing around, getting those impossible shots in impossible locations. I want to 2nd sho... Read more...
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Georgia Yanez

5 Years Exp
Simply put, I love photographing love. It's why I've always been so drawn to weddings. It is a huge honor to m... Read more...
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Chris Sosa

4 Years Exp
I love second shooting because it gives me an opportunity to meet other photographers as well as help someone ... Read more...
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Sarah Brown

3 Years Exp
I'm the primary photographer of a husband and wife team based out of Indiana. Weddings are my main focus and I... Read more...
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