I need a second shooter within miles of for

Chelsea Mahan

5 Years Exp
I love second shooting because I get to be more creative and get shots I normally wouldn't get if I was a main... Read more...
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Holly Collings

2 Years Exp
I live in Torquay, Devon.
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Shirley Cohen

5 Years Exp
I always want to second shoot. It keeps me sharp. I have been professional for five years now but I love ass... Read more...
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Sylvia Nelson

3 Years Exp
I love catching the in between moments of every event. I'm constantly listening for any cues of special moment... Read more...
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Joanne Beecham

4 Years Exp
I love having the time to find and document very creatively. I love shooting details! Read more...
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Mandy Mayberry ...

6 Years Exp
I am normally a full time wedding photographer with an established, successful business. I am currently a mom ... Read more...
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