I need a second shooter within miles of for

Amanda Nellesen

Spokane Valley
8 Years Exp
I just moved from out of state and would love to fill the weekends I don't have weddings of my own with second... Read more...
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Natalya Fiore

4 Years Exp
I love shooting with other photographers - learning from them, and getting to work at new venues. Read more...
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Frances Morency

10+ Years Exp
Second shooting allows me to be a lot more creative with my journalistic style and gives yours clients a great... Read more...
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Jessica Munson

Cedar Rapids
2 Years Exp
Love doing weddings and would loved to work with a seasoned professional and get some more wedding experience.... Read more...
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Heather Littlef...

3 Years Exp
I am a photographer for 617 Weddings in Boston. I enjoy second shooting when I can to enjoy shooting a weddin... Read more...
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Sarah Brown

6 Years Exp
Second shooting for me is a creative outlet. Being the main photographer I know it can get stressful to get th... Read more...
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