I need a second shooter within miles of for
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Douglas Koke

3 Years Exp
Although I genuinely love being the primary shooter, I'm equally enthusiastic about acting as a second shooter... Read more...
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Merryn Benham

1 Years Exp
Second shooting is fantastic because I get to run around all ninja style, catching the candid photos, and focu... Read more...
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Angel Esparar

6 Years Exp
Unlike shooting as the primary, as the second shooter I get to take all the creative angles! I am comfortable ... Read more...
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Taylor Regan

‹ 1 Year Exp
I've done photography for a few years now, but have recently started getting interested in shooting weddings. ... Read more...
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Paolo C

5 Years Exp
I have a pretty good idea for creativity and I strive to always push myself beyond the boundaries of photograp... Read more...
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Ashley Greene

4 Years Exp
I am a down to earth, easy going and fun loving individual. I typically am the main shooter when it comes to ... Read more...
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