I need a second shooter within miles of for

Guy Vindigni

New York
2 Years Exp
Second shooting is fun for me because it gives me a chance to work with other photographers. I believe that to... Read more...
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Tiffany Hines

4 Years Exp
I love anticipating needs of other photogs! I always try to capture a few behind the scenes shots of you in ... Read more...
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Buck Deitz

3 Years Exp
When I'm not the lead shooter I love second shooting! It's such a great opportunity to learn from someone and ... Read more...
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Erin Costa

5 Years Exp
I enjoy second shooting because it usually allows me time for more creativity and unique angles of the day. Read more...
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Lis Christy

8 Years Exp
I love second shooting for other photographers because it gives me the freedom to go for more creative shots. ... Read more...
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PNL Photography

Los Angeles
‹ 1 Year Exp
I love photography. I have never been a second shooter but I would love to learn and gain experience from oth... Read more...
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