I need a second shooter within miles of for

Nicole Podnecky

1 Years Exp
I have limited experience. But I have taken several courses specific for wedding photography. I am a very de... Read more...
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Fred Tuggle

3 Years Exp
I’m going into year 3 of shooting weddings, but I love to second shoot because it gives me a chance to exper... Read more...
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Dawn Derbyshire

6 Years Exp
I'm all about natural light, prime lenses and the beauty that is a 1.4 aperture. Read more...
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Aysha Gerald

4 Years Exp
I love networking with photographers and creating a sense of community! Read more...
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Andy Shark

5 Years Exp
I am a great second shooter because I am also a lead who employs second shooters. I can be trusted to get the ... Read more...
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Jean Kirby

3 Years Exp
I love being a second shooter and getting all the details. Love getting bridal portraits. I am very professio... Read more...
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