I need a second shooter within miles of for

Bill Thomas

5 Years Exp
Bill has an energetic personality along with a humorous side that comes out in the quirkiest ways. Bill lives ... Read more...
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Easton Reynolds

Cherry Hill
3 Years Exp
I am part of a husband and wife team called LuRey Photography. We are international wedding photographers and ... Read more...
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Jessica Foster

9 Years Exp
I am a boudoir + beauty photographer who LOVES second shooting weddings! I began photographing weddings myself... Read more...
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Kenny Young

1 Years Exp
HELLO! I am a Media Communications student at North Central University. I love shooting photo and video for ev... Read more...
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Tom Speropulos

10+ Years Exp
I have shot more than 40 weddings on my own and know what a stress reliever it is to have someone as a back-up... Read more...
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Emily Gibby

Virginia Beach
4 Years Exp
I'm a huge fan of second shooting! Although I have been a lead shooter for 12 weddings I would like to gain m... Read more...
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