I need a second shooter within miles of for

Michelle Morton

2 Years Exp
I am a photo fanatic, and will take any chance to get out there and capture moments. I'm energetic and easy to... Read more...
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Chris Moore

West Asheville
‹ 1 Year Exp
I would love to second shoot just for the experience. I am primarily a family photographer but am interested i... Read more...
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Mary Lou Mobley

3 Years Exp
I love working with other skilled photographers and supporting them so they can relax a bit and find the art i... Read more...
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Lisa Coole

4 Years Exp
Natural light family portrait photographer. Can second shoot for natural light events or sessions. Read more...
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Greg Faulkner

4 Years Exp
I love working and mixing with different people. Second shooting is a great chance to help out someone while d... Read more...
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Paolo C

5 Years Exp
I have a pretty good idea for creativity and I strive to always push myself beyond the boundaries of photograp... Read more...
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