I need a second shooter within miles of for

Audrey M McCouc...

2 Years Exp
Hobbyist turned serious enthusiast over the past 2 years looking to pick up second shooting work. I am an e... Read more...
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Hannah Joy Well...

6 Years Exp
I love second shooting because I LOVE shooting weddings, and it's even more fun when I don't have the pressure... Read more...
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Bryan Hoybook

10+ Years Exp
I have photographed weddings for over 15 years and now I own a photo editing company called Post House Inc. We... Read more...
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Mary Robinson

5 Years Exp
I love photographing weddings and I have my own business, but I love working with other photographers through ... Read more...
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Megan Long

1 Years Exp
Second Shooting gives me every opportunity to make my photography better. I love being able to assist and l... Read more...
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Katie Ingraham

4 Years Exp
I am an experienced shooter who no longer wants to be a main due to time constraints, but I love weddings so I... Read more...
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