I need a second shooter within miles of for

Caedy Convis

Grand Rapids
5 Years Exp
Hi there! I've been doing portrait photography for five years, and last year I started second-shooting for wed... Read more...
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Paul Benjamin

5 Years Exp
I love having the freedom to shoot awesome images and totally swing for the fences while second shooting. Not ... Read more...
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Lauren Strow

3 Years Exp
I'm a student/portrait photog looking to move into wedding photography. I'm open to assisting/second shooting/... Read more...
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Kat Wickstrom

Los Angeles
2 Years Exp
I love weddings. I'm pretty sure the vibe is infectious. Capturing these amazing heart-felt moments is a passi... Read more...
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Jan Faborsky

‹ 1 Year Exp
Hi! I'm a photography student and would love the opportunity to help other photographers capture a couples spe... Read more...
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Steph Anderson

5 Years Exp
I love second shooting because I love to tell the rest of the story. You know, the story that behind the scene... Read more...
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