I need a second shooter within miles of for

Amanda Warnock

2 Years Exp
I love working with other photographers and getting any extra chance to be creative and perfect my craft.\r\n... Read more...
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Lindsay Hoeflin...

Grand Rapids
10+ Years Exp
What if you didn't hire a second? What if you hired a lead shooter AS your second instead? Strong lead shooter... Read more...
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Heather Owen

Fort Smith
4 Years Exp
I love being a part of weddings even if I am not the primary photographer. The moments, details, and creativi... Read more...
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Jamie Pratt

3 Years Exp
I am a student at Lipscomb University, preparing to enter foreign ministry in the future. I've been shooting p... Read more...
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Cecilia Grace

Atlantic City
7 Years Exp
I value my second shooter when I'm the main photographer so I know how important it is to be that support and ... Read more...
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Candice Benjami...

5 Years Exp
I absolutely love second shooting because I know how hard it is to be a main shooter. You are in constant tunn... Read more...
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