I need a second shooter within miles of for

Caitlin Hamilto...

5 Years Exp
I have my own business but love second shooting for people as well, I love to meet other photographers and wor... Read more...
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Nicole Caudle

7 Years Exp
I love second shooting because it allows me the opportunity to let someone else take control. I love shooting ... Read more...
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Jeff Brown

Los Angeles
10+ Years Exp
To me, there's nothing like shooting because it encapsulates your own creative eye and puts it on display for ... Read more...
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Kevin Wong

New York
3 Years Exp
I would love to second shoot for a professional photographer, to learn and develop a mentor relationship by so... Read more...
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Siobhan Ryan

1 Years Exp
I graduated with a focus in photography in 2010 from a University in Ohio. I began my freelance work by buildi... Read more...
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Photography By ...

4 Years Exp
I love second shooting, because it gives me the ability to let my creativity flow and keep my stress low. I lo... Read more...
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