I need a second shooter within miles of for

Travis & J...

Kansas City
1 Years Exp
We are a husband and wife team mentoring under top rated wedding photographers in Kansas City. We love to sec... Read more...
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Jessica Foster

9 Years Exp
I am a boudoir + beauty photographer who LOVES second shooting weddings! I began photographing weddings myself... Read more...
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Tricia Duncan

North Virginia Beach
4 Years Exp
I love weddings and I miss them! I took last year off because I was pregnant and I am working my way back into... Read more...
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Wenkan Zhu

5 Years Exp
Chicago based wedding photographer.
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Jeff Brown

Los Angeles
10+ Years Exp
To me, there's nothing like shooting because it encapsulates your own creative eye and puts it on display for ... Read more...
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Jim Powers

Kansas City
8 Years Exp
I typically shoot primary and solo. I love second shooting though as that's where the fun shots happen. The e... Read more...
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