I need a second shooter within miles of for

Tricia Duncan

North Virginia Beach
4 Years Exp
I love weddings and I miss them! I took last year off because I was pregnant and I am working my way back into... Read more...
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Shanna Fisher

2 Years Exp
I am looking for experience. I have interned & shot weddings in the past year with a strong desire to help... Read more...
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Courtney Yee

San Francisco
3 Years Exp
I climb, I crawl & can fit in small spaces while carrying a camera.\r\nI love helping to catch those in be... Read more...
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Brittany Olson

Battle Creek
3 Years Exp
I have been taking on clients for a little over two years, but I'm just branching out into weddings. I will se... Read more...
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Evangeline Rene...

7 Years Exp
I shoot my own weddings all year long, but I love shooting with others as well! I'm willing to take charge, bu... Read more...
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Cole Sprague

East Portland
1 Years Exp
Shooting weddings is my passion, but I'd like to get more weddings under my belt before I shoot on my own. Ri... Read more...
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