I need a second shooter within miles of for

Marty Brucheau

North Sacramento
10+ Years Exp
I have never second shot any event or wedding but feel the need to get out and enjoy what I do and by doing th... Read more...
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Cecilia Grace

Atlantic City
7 Years Exp
I value my second shooter when I'm the main photographer so I know how important it is to be that support and ... Read more...
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Brittany Hogan

5 Years Exp


David Zhang

3 Years Exp
Typically I work weddings with my wife Annie, but I'd love to work with and learn from others in the industry ... Read more...
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Kayla Lee

1 Years Exp
I am a beginner to wedding photography, but I'm very passionate and a hard worker. I would love to work with a... Read more...
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Amanda Arms

4 Years Exp
I love to second shoot because I get to experience the weddings, network with photographers and learn how oth... Read more...
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