I need a second shooter within miles of for

Elizabeth Andre...

4 Years Exp
Would love to second shoot more weddings in 2015 to eventually feel comfortable enough to do weddings on my ow... Read more...
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Mark Burch

2 Years Exp
I work in several areas of photography but weddings are the one that I am most likely to spend a Saturday doin... Read more...
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Chelsea LaVere

6 Years Exp
Even as a lead photog, second shooting and assisting friends have been a huge love. I just love weddings in ge... Read more...
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Christina Lesko...

Grand Rapids
5 Years Exp
Hello! I enjoy second shooting for Weddings because it keeps me working during slower times doing what I enjoy... Read more...
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Kerry Blackburn

3 Years Exp
I love second shooting weddings! I am willing to travel as well.I am new to the Columbus, OH area but original... Read more...
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Amanda Laukant

1 Years Exp
I have been photographing for years, but recently started doing it professionally. I enjoy capturing connectio... Read more...
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