I need a second shooter within miles of for

Jen Neal

State College
5 Years Exp
Have camera, will shoot! When I'm not the primary, I thoroughly enjoy helping my fellow photographers and taki... Read more...
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Christy Woods

6 Years Exp
In my photographic journey, I have found second shooting to be both fun and rewarding. I enjoy the events of ... Read more...
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Maggie Bogdan

2 Years Exp
I exclusively shoot couples & weddings. I usually work as lead in my own business, but I am always inter... Read more...
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Bailey Doyle

1 Years Exp
I am looking for experience, I would like the opportunity to be a second shooter because there are somethings ... Read more...
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Melissa sigler

Kansas City
4 Years Exp
I own my own studio but love to second shoot on occasion! It lets me really connect with my artsy side as I'm ... Read more...
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Fima Gelman

San Francisco
10+ Years Exp
I love what I do. I love creating memorable images. I am housebroken. And I can work well without supervision.... Read more...
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