I need a second shooter within miles of for

Braska Jennea G...

5 Years Exp
I shoot people...with my Canon. ;) Being the primary is wonderful, but there's a special part of my heart that... Read more...
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Oscar Campos

3 Years Exp
I love shooting weddings because there is no day more magical and special. Read more...
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Belen Isabel

4 Years Exp


Jennifer Tavera

7 Years Exp
My husband and I shot wedding for 5 years as a team but he has decided to move on to other ventures now so I h... Read more...
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Moa Pettersson

4 Years Exp
I have been shooting weddings for about four years, and I love capturing feelings and moments. I like to secon... Read more...
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Carmen Blackwel...

1 Years Exp
Hi all! I would love to be able to find one or two primary shooters to build a second shooting relationship. I... Read more...
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