I need a second shooter within miles of for

John Bosley

San Francisco
5 Years Exp
Every year I 2nd shoot about 15-20 weddings (pretty much any weekend I'm not shooting one of my own). I love i... Read more...
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Kim Blind

8 Years Exp
I love to 2nd shoot for other photographers as it gives me a little more creative freedom. I also decided to s... Read more...
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Kristilee Paris...

4 Years Exp


Kaci VanderHoek

East Mesa
1 Years Exp
I am here to serve and learn! I would be happy to shoot whatever you tell me to or just be a fly on the wall g... Read more...
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Ashley Barrett

4 Years Exp
As cliche as this sounds, I really do love everything about being a photographer. Not only do I get to be a pa... Read more...
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Tamara Gibson

New York
9 Years Exp
I love working with other creatives. Lead & second shooting gives me the opportunity to meet some amazing ... Read more...
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