I need a second shooter within miles of for

Ryan Flood

10+ Years Exp
I have been shooting weddings consistently for the past 15 years with throughout the Northwest & beyond wi... Read more...
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Amanda Helmick

Grand Junction
4 Years Exp
Hey there! I’m Amanda and I’m the artist behind the lens! I’m a corn-fed Iowa girl just Colorado dreami... Read more...
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Presley Ann

New York
5 Years Exp
As a second shooter It's my goal to make the day run smoothly and make sure the main photographer can work eff... Read more...
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Amanda Mohinani

Kansas City
6 Years Exp
I'm a super hard worker, and great under pressure! I love second shooting because I love helping people. Read more...
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Allison Marshal...

San Antonio
3 Years Exp
Just being there to help a photographer with anything they need makes my day! In addition to getting extra ang... Read more...
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Liv DeHaan

3 Years Exp
I love capturing the beautiful moments shared on a wedding day. The relationships that people share, the emot... Read more...
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