I need a second shooter within miles of for

James Knox

4 Years Exp
My wife and I own Light & LENS Photography. We love the opportunity to collaborate with others and want to... Read more...
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Sarah Leckie

10+ Years Exp
I'm a professor of cinematography and documentary film making at Asbury University. I shot weddings both video... Read more...
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Silvia Bell

Los Angeles
10+ Years Exp
I love second shooting and being able to help capture the best images possible! Read more...
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Jen Forstner

1 Years Exp
I am: a wife, doggy mom, friend, sister and daughter.\r\n\r\nI absolutely adore my husband, our puppies, our f... Read more...
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Meagan Nelson

‹ 1 Year Exp
Hi, \r\n\r\nI've been receiving wedding inquiries, and would love to get experience 2nd shooting before accept... Read more...
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Alexandra Baker

2 Years Exp
I am a portrait and concert photographer currently living in Eastern Spain. I travel regularly to the UK and U... Read more...
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