I need a second shooter within miles of for

Fima Gelman

San Francisco
10+ Years Exp
I love what I do. I love creating memorable images. I am housebroken. And I can work well without supervision.... Read more...
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Lindsey Michaud

1 Years Exp
I've had the pleasure of shooting family portraits for about a year now, but am branching out to weddings and ... Read more...
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Angela Watts

6 Years Exp
I absolutely love second shooting because I get to work with amazing photographers and work behind the scenes ... Read more...
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Lisa Robinson

San Jose
9 Years Exp
9 years experience as a portrait photographer and 3 years as a primary wedding shooter. I've done around 60 we... Read more...
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Anna Sasser

7 Years Exp
I love filling my free weekends with second shooting! I am an experienced wedding photographer who has been sh... Read more...
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Tiffany Leighty

2 Years Exp
I love second shooting to capture the little things that could be easily missed! being a wedding photographer ... Read more...
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